Sunday, June 10, 2012

#random 1

Salam 'alaikum..

i don't know when it was happening..what i remembered was only what my mum said..
it was in the car on the way to go to the-place-i-don't-remember, she said ' ore nih susoh nok puji ore lain, nok ngudoh ore seney mena nah'..wowee to some extent this is soo true la..but why? why?..i don't have the answer to this..what can i think is, is it because of the ego? ego for me is  a benign cell that CAN be shed off by imaan.. don't be ego people! its hideous..hehe (reflecting,reflecting,reflecting)

its already 11th may, to all the juniors-to-be, just prepare all your guts to face  kmb is a 'wonderland' that words can't never describe..obstacle, hardship, ordeal are merely toys for kmb-ians..a bit exaggerating there..:)

dear self,
remember your goal! success in the world and hereafter, insyaAllah
dua' for IB 45 insyaAllah..
revive your ambition to be a respected doctor since you're a cutey lil tiny girl,
Dr. Fatihah in the making~~
cherish your time whenever you are
be positive be yourself be a tremendously good slave to ALLAh..

bye for now..

      p/s: minami says bye!

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